Little Women: LA [review]

At any given moment there is a reality show airing on somebody’s network. So why not broadcast a show about “Little People” using the housewife; 4-7 ladies in an awkward friendship method?

The ice breaker of the show was the argument between the ladies about the use of the “m” word. I will be honest, before this show I had no idea the “politically correct” word is “little people”. Yet according to Tonya (one of my favs) the “m” word is just as offensive as the “n” word.  I respect her stand point, I really do. But as we all know, even the “n” word is subjective, circumstantial rather. Either, or, I respect the level of unacceptability and I totally get it – now.

Little Women: LA is about 6 women, who are supposedly longtime friends, living in Los Angeles. They appear to have realistic issues and life events, like the rest of us hormonal ladies. I really enjoy this show because it’s pretty much level minded and appears to be legitimate in its issues and sincerity. Like all reality shows there is a level of “drama”. However, these ladies “beef” and let it go! I love it! To me this is a real realization of friendship between the female genders. If you’re looking for a show that’s over the top and highly exaggerated, this is not it! Although, a lite sucker punch is thrown every now and again.

Here is my individual opinion about the ladies thus far:

Terra, I really like her. I do peep some instigating tendencies in her personality. But, for the most part I feel like her actions are justified in her own reasoning. I really wish that man of hers would “do better”. And I believe the majority of her acting out is due to some of the underline issues she and her man have.

Christy Christy, CHRISTY. I have a love/hate relationship with her, like the majority of the cast. This chick is a drama queen and just plain “extra”, witty and a little controlling (in my opinion). I don’t agree with the way she handles some situations and I would like to see her “do a little better”. Her fiancé (who I have nothing against) should also learn to stay out of conflicts between women (see episode involving Terra’s music video).  Also, I’m dying to know whether she’s telling the truth about her sobriety.

Briana appears to be an overall cool girl and level headed. To me she pretty much plays the safe role on the show. I would like to learn more about her.

Tonya is my kind of friend. She keeps it real, hunnie. She’s another cast member that pretty much gets along with everyone. I really hope things work out with her and this new dude, as well. She appears to be in a place in her life where she wants to love and be loved.

Elena causes unnecessary conflicts and stress on herself. I don’t believe it is done on purpose. And I believe a lot is related to her coming from a different culture, I think. Example: When she confronted Tonya’s BD (babydaddy). She was completely out of line. I mean, who does that? Overall, I don’t dislike her at all. She does appear to be a tiny itty bitty “cocky”. Just a little.

Traci is the conservative, modest one of the group. I have nothing necessarily negative to say about her. But, I do believe she is allowing Christy to get the best out of her emotions. I believe there is more than likely, justified reasoning for the “resistance in allowing the better side” of their friendship to show. Yet, Traci should get over it and enjoy her wedding preparation period. I also know there are two sides to every story. I’m waiting for more of this Traci/Christy situation to arise.

Overall, I give this show 4/5 for what it is. I also think the producers picked a good mix of personalities. They may need to unlock more to keep the audience attention. I for one appreciate the ease of the show.


Tune in for a new episodes of Little Women: LA Tuesday at 9/8c on Lifetime


2 thoughts on “Little Women: LA [review]

  1. Zelmonica Bing says:

    I love it Angel..u did good girl!!


  2. christina says:

    Love this show too!!


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