starz series “POWER” [review]

So, Rapper 50 Cent is the producer of the new Startz series “Power”. Say what you want, but, I love 50 Cent’s hustle. He’s also a pretty good actor himself.


The series is starring Omar Hardwick, the fine well known actor of many independent/ black films as well as Kick Ass, Miracle at St. Anna, etc.  Most recently the Mary Jane series on BET. He played the cheating husband, who Gabriel Union is creeping with on the show. I didn’t closely follow this show, but I think the last season may have ended with him separating from his wife. So yeah, the cheating husband! I have to say, I love this guy’s bad boy image. I like how most of his roles portray a sinful act or criminal mentality, yet focuses on his justifications for doing so. Did I say he was fine?

Naturi Naughton is the leading lady of Power. In my research I found that she is a former member of the early millennium group “3LW”. I guess I didn’t recognize her. I remember her best from playing on the movie “Lottery Ticket” with Rapper/TV Host Bow Wow.  I like her as an actress, although I was a little skeptical of her position as the wife on this series. To me Omar looks more mature than she does. Although, I see she is holding her own, I would like to see recognition of their age differential be displayed. If you’re like me, when you’re watching a film, you enter the film. You become in twain with the art, the actors, the perception, for the duration of the film. In the back of my head, I keep saying “he is older than her”. Not that age is always a factor, but I’m just saying.  I can also see this actresses “acting” skills enhancing in the years to come!

The series is about a black man who is heavy in the drug game. However, now he is attempting to cross over by opening up a promenade night club. I believe he wants a safer, more commendable lifestyle for his family. His wife and close partner in crime, are not too happy about his decision. And, of course he’s “creeping” again in this role.

50 Cent has made an appearance as well. And I’m hoping we see more of him.

I like the series thus far and I hope the ratings are good, so it can keep going. I would advise anyone who has watched any of his previous films or like films in the arena of The Wire or Gangster films, to check it out. There are also some other well-known faces in the series. I won’t spoil the rest.


You can watch Power on Startz Saturday nights at 9 pm.



One thought on “starz series “POWER” [review]

  1. Girl this is my new fav!!!! finally someone watching it with me lol


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