Love vs. Like (Compare & Contrast)

Love is blind, I suppose this is why many people confuse this feeling with that of like. Although these words share some of the same meanings, they are distinctively different. Love is something powerful that promotes courage, sacrifice and endurance. As to like, it may simply encourage infatuation that may lead to more. The feeling of like can easily be changed, versus the feelings of love; which is in depth and hard to transpire.

In my opinion one must first like to love, but to define the both the same is bizarre as considering a child and adult one the same; despite the age difference and maturity level, and regardless if they are both human beings.

Anything that sparks ones interest can be considered something you like. However, when you love something it must spark interest and prove to be consistent of your likings. I consider these two differences compassion of admiration and adore.

It is easy to admire something or someone; just one characteristic can inspire your interest. Whereas when you adore something, you have deep respect and more love for it.

As a child becoming an adult is a result of time and maturity. The first aspect of love begins from liking something or someone. We may like, but in order to love, a pattern of time and investment first takes place. For example as a child I liked reading, but as adult I have come to love reading. I was first fond of reading, although as time progressed the lecture held my attention and I came to love reading.

Consider if reading became boring to me, my feelings would not be of love. I may even result to not liking reading at all. When we like someone or something our feelings and compassion are limited. The commitments we make are not the same as when we love someone or something. This explains why people share more compassion to things they love.

The feelings of like are more related to the initial attraction of something or someone. People care more about things or persons they love; proving these two feelings can be compared to one another.

There is no denying that like evolves into love. Some people may even believe in love at first sight; which cannot be disproved. In regardless there is an obvious distinctive between the feeling of like and love. Both words share some of the same meanings; however one is more intense than the other. Everyone has their own definition of like and love, but we can all agree there is a difference of the same meanings, or at least there should be!

And, truth is, some of us don’t like nor love.



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