The 7 Reasons Why I Cut Off My Locs

7 Reasons

I had locs for a little over 7 years, so here are my 7 reasons for cutting them off:

  1. I had build-up. Truth is, everyone with locs has some type of build-up. It’s unavoidable. Locs are matted hair, and you can never truly clean each hair particle. I personally never felt my hair was completely clean. So with that being said, I would advise clear products, no bees wax, clarifying – cleansing shampoos or shampoos made specifically for locs, minimum use of conditioners and hair dye or extra product, as I believe it increases build-up. Oh and make sure your locs are the right size for your hair texture and variation. Too thin can equal breakage, as too thick can as well. Know what “your” hair can handle.
  1. I wanted my own hair identity. I know this may sound silly, but my husband has locs. I no longer wanted to share the same hair style.
  1. I desired more than the twisted/ or braided  loc look. Granted there’s a lot you can do with locs, but I desired even more variety. I also wanted to run my fingers through my loose hair.
  1. I wanted to exit out of the category of having locs. I don’t want to go into detail, but let’s be real there are stigmatisms and even discrimination that comes along with having locs. It wasn’t a big deal for me, but it is something to consider. Not that natural “loose” hair doesn’t have its own either!
  1. My hair was breaking off due to “bleach” weakening it’s strength. I would say every bit of 35 locs broke off, maybe 3-4 inches (never from the root though). I had about 270 locs total.
  1. I simply wanted a change.
  1. I no longer was “in love” with my hair. Yes, I said it, and know it’s just hair, but I no longer had the same feeling’s anymore. Nevertheless, I will always have love for my former hair, it was truly beautiful!

2 thoughts on “The 7 Reasons Why I Cut Off My Locs

  1. Sade Hankey says:

    I admire how you made such a big decision, but you also actually evaluated why you felt like it was time to leave your locs behind. Really love this post. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aonest says:

    Thanks so much, although it was a loss it was a gain as well.


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