Spring 2015 Hypothesis

Spring 2015 was a short but fulfilled season for my hair. I cut off my locs and all the dead hair in reach of a new beginning. Some people prune trees/ plants [compared to cutting or trimming hair] in the winter season to prepare for spring’s new blossom, but of course my journey started in spring.

Personally I do not feel trimming alone produces hair growth. I do believe it will help hair grow and appear healthier, if you are removing unhealthy hair. Therefore I believe hair should only be cut for style preference or to remove damaged hair. To me there isn’t a specific routine needed for trimming hair. You should trim or cut as needed.

As I compare hair with trees, we trim our trees in our front yard yearly before or during the beginning of spring. These particular trees will grow regardless, but for sake of them not growing too high, we trim them. I also noticed [as we did not trim them last year] that the leaves have grown-in thicker and the overall appearance is healthier this year around.

When I cut my dreads I actually had several inches of loose hair remaining, but it was thinned out and processed due to the bleach damage. I decided to cut off anything that was unhealthy.

At the beginning of my journey, late Spring, I thought I should co-wash and leave-in condition my hair every 7-10 days and then on the 3 round use a shampoo and conditioner. However, because it is so hot, I feel like more water is needed. So that regimen will not continue throughout the summer. I will wash my hair more.

I also found out that some products made my hair too oily or contained ingredients I wanted to avoid or not satisfied with.

Overall, I measured by hair on May 27th, 2015 and my hair has grown 1 cm in curled form, in 28 days.

Curled: 1 cm = 10mm

Pulled Out: 2 inches & 1 cm = 61.4mm

144% Shrinkage (difference)

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