Summer 2015 Regimen

Starting Statistics

Curled: 20 mm

Pulled: 73.5 mm

Shrinkage: 114%


 -Pre- Poo, Shampoo and Leave-in Condition every Wednesday; seal with curl definer.

 -Co-Wash and Leave-In Conditioner every Saturday; seal with definer.

(give or take I will wash at least every 4-7 days)

 -No brush or comb routine.

 -Nightly hair massage with black castor oil.

 -No hair dyes or bleaches.

-Water spritz as needed. Not limited to no shower cap during bathe.

 -Sleep with a satin hair cap.

 (or attempt, it usually makes it way off every night)

 -Daily moisturize lightly with hair butter and hair oil. Curl definer as needed. L.O.C Method.

loc: liquid, oil and cream


Hair Butter by Dark & Lovely Au Natural $8.99

Curl Defining Crème Dark & Lovely Au Natuale $10.99

As I am Cococont Cleansing Co Wash $9.99

As I am Coconut Leave-in Conditioner $9.99

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Shampoo $10.99

Kemi Oyl $3.99 (smallest container)

Jamaican Lime & Mango – Jamaican Coconut Black Castro Oil

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