American Odyssey [review]

I ran across American Odyssey on Hulu while literally struggling to find something good to watch. I enjoy this show by far and hope enough viewers are watching, so that it may progress. Because of the storyline, I do not see it being an ongoing series – it appears to be one of those shows that needs to solve its initial conflict and end. Unless there’s more entities to the show, I see no need to continue going on pass 2 (maybe 3) seasons. Once you watch it, mayebe you will share my opinion? It’s plot is sort of like a book, intrigue me, so I can find a new book to read.

American Odyssey is about an American woman soldier who finds herself a part of an American born conspiracy. She and her fellow troops are assassinated by Americans troops and believed to all to be dead. However, she is the only survivor, in which the American government is trying to hide and kill her. Basically the story covers her, her family in America and some associated people who are trying to help her and are aware of the conspiracy. Each episode is fulfilling and will leave you coming back for more. I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan, but it is a great pass time show and well written.

NBC, Sundays 9/8 central



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