Natural Hair Confession #1

I have to admit, 29 days into my natural hair journey and I’m having thoughts of concern, but not so much regret. It seems like everywhere I turn I see people with beautiful locs and it reminds me of mine! I feel like I’m being taunted! I start thinking about my baby shower coming up and whether I should get some “weave” so that I look cute? But then I bounce back and realize that I cannot get my locs back and furthermore my level of cuteness should not be determined by my hair, especially hair that’s not mine.

 I believe we gave hair so much credit as to our level beauty and comfort. And this is something I wanted to change. I want to love my hair and myself in it’s natural state. And, I must admit I knew this was not going to be an easy task.

A vlogger on YouTube said (something like this) best, ” It you care what other people think, if you need other people to gratify your decisions, if you need constant praise, if you are sensitive to what others have to say or question, then natural hair is not for you”! I so agree, because to cut your hair and wear it in its natural state takes “confidence and boldness”. You can be make bad or compromising choices in any other category in your life, and no one says a thing. But when you decide to go natural (or change your hair in general) folks will come out of the woodwork with comments and their opinions. Trust me, I don’t have this “big chop” thing all under control, but I’m determined to fight the struggle, because I know the results will be worth it.

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