Re: Pre-Poo Formula 1#

On 6/24/2015, I actually tried this particular pre-poo and shampoo routine for the first time. After reading several reviews about pre-pooing and the ingredients used, I chose the ones I thought may produce the best results and were cost effective. In a pursuit to find the perfect combination of ingredients! There were many ideals from any essential oil, to banana to crushed avocado.

I will be honest, after the full process I didn’t notice any immediate difference in my hair texture or quality. Although I’m not too concerned because I understand pre-pooing is a protective routine and more likely gives long term results.

At first I didn’t fully understand the concept of using all these ingredients then shampooing. The theory in pre-pooing is it helps protect the hair, as shampooing can be very harsh on the hair. It may seem like you would coat your hair after the shampoo to protect it, right? Or you’re wasting products, by using then shampooing? But in theory of other instances, wound care or even surgery prep, you protect before and after, right? So in a sense, pre-pooing does make sense. (1) You protect the hair – prepare for shampoo, this is pre-pooing. (2) Shampooing is the major procedure. (3) Deep conditioning is the last step to seal and cover the wound, protect from damage (infection) after the procedure.

Going forward I will allow the pre-poo formula to penetrate longer, maybe 2-4 hours. I will try to use better measurements of the ingredients to create a “thicker” consistency. Overall, I will continue to pre-poo, but less then proposed, every other week instead. Oh yeah I was not blown away by the deep conditioner I chose to use “Coconut Shea All Natural Hair Masque”. I was expecting my hair to be extremely-extremely soft afterwards. Though I do admit the natural ingredients are pretty good. I may try the Black Castor Oil Conditioner by Jamacian Lime & Mango next.

Eliminations as followed:

Plain Natural Greek Yogurt (1/2 cup): I believe I used to much yogurt and not really sure if it’s a necessary ingredient. Plus yogurt expires pretty fast, I don’t want to keep buying it to accommodate pre-poo days.

Coconut Milk (1/3 cup): Coconut Milk seems to carry some of the same benefits as coconut oil, makes hair soft, heals scalp issues, strengths the hair, etc. I can do without this ingredient, especially as it can water down the formula.

Apple Cider Vinegar (1/2 teaspoon): I remember using apple cider vinegar to clean my locs. From what I understand pre-pooing is for protecting the hair prior to shampoo (which excessively cleans and can strip the hair). To me natural loose hair does not a apple cider vinegar cleanse on a regular bases. Also, the smell is very strong.

Pure Coconut Oil (2 tablespoon): will continue use.

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tablespoon): will continue use.

Jamaican Black Castro Oil (1 tablespoon): will continue use.

Pantene All Natural Deep Conditioner (1 tablespoon): will continue use.

Pure Honey (1 tablespoon): will continue use.


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