2015 Summer Hypothesis


The season of summer was filled with a lot of joy; I gave birth to my second son in 10 years! I was also searching for a “protective style” to help me during my last few weeks of pregnancy and my post period. I simply didn’t want to maintenance my hair everyday while taking care of a newborn.

I ended up choosing “Large Box Yarn Braids”. This is a typical braiding style using yarn instead of human or synthetic hair. They are quickly installed, yarn is cheap and they last pretty long! Some folks actually also use yarn as a locing’ method.

I kept them in for 6 weeks as they were starting to produce a lot of buildup. Although some naturals use constant protective hair styles for long periods and as a hair growing aid. My last big chop consisted of a lot of simulation to the head and regular washing. With “yarn braids” I could not do such. And as much as I do not necessarily “love” the progression period of my hair right now, and I actually enjoyed having some hair (well yarn) on my head, I was missing my natural hair!

Throughout the summer season I experimented on a lot of techniques. I found that less is sometimes more, and the only way to find the best products for your hair, you must complete many trials (and error). I found that my hair thieves more when dry, and using Jamaican black Castro oil. Needless to say in general “Jamaican Black Castro oil” is one of my favorite products and daily conditioner. From the very start of my big chop until today, I have eliminated several products and still on the lookout for more. My hair is still pretty short so I don’t do much to it. I have to admit this is the hardest period of growing natural hair for me. And because I do not use a comb so the actually length is preserved.

I ended using the following:


Jamaican Black Castro Oil (by Jamaician Lime & Twist)

Kemi Oyl (very rarely and very little)

Hair Butter by Dark & Lovely Au Natural

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Curl Defining Crème (on wash day)

As I am Co Wash

As I am Leave-in Conditioner

SheaMoisture Curly Shampoo

Pantene All Natural Deep Conditioner

Pre-poo every other week with Coconut Oil, Olive oil & Black Castro Oil


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