Natural Hair Confessions #2

At least every other week [whether in person or via social media] someone says (something to me to the nature of) “Wow, you cut your hair”. To me they’re implying (something to the nature of) “You shouldn’t have cut your hair, or I prefer it the way it was”.

It’s so crazy because about 9 years ago I can remember the same type of comments and personal perception from myself. I don’t regret my decision, but the feeling of “complete happiness and wholeness” with my hair, in this’ stage, is indeed missing!

My locs were had progressed beyond the infant stage, “the ugly stage”. Yet here I am starting over. I must admit I absolutely hate this period of my hair journey! The big chop is over, but now my hair is at a stage where I can’t really do anything to it because it’s no longer super short and not long enough to style!

I see a lot of naturals in this stage go for the tapped look, which is cute. But I know I won’t keep it up. I also know color my add some jazz to it, but I’m afraid it could stunt my growth and I know it will change my natural texture.

Then, on top of all that I’m still experimenting on the perfect products; so my hair is kind of lost. And, I’m constantly in curiosity because I don’t know at what rate it will grow, nor its healthiness, or outcome.


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