Post Pregnancy Hair Shedding

maxresdefaultThis is a late post, but I forgot to mention that about 7 weeks post pregnancy I experienced tremendous hair shedding. Something I never experienced during my first pregnancy, yet that was 10 years ago!

I mentioned before that about 3 weeks before child birth I got my hair done in yarn braids. When I took them out 4 weeks post pregnancy I did notice “some’ shedding, which alerted me because I’m not a big shedder at all!

A few weeks later my hair was shedding at a rapid right especially during washes. Anytime I even looked at my hair it would shed. I researched and topped my problem off to post “pregnancy hormones”; but I was so afraid that I stopped using one of my favorites since my big chop, Coconut Jamaican Black Castor oil by Jamaican Lime & Mango.

I read that sometimes black castor oil can cause excessive hair shedding as well. And I also know all the jibber about losing 100 strands a day, but I decided to cut out all products besides my basics until I seen a reduction.

Here at 4 months post pregnancy my hair has stopped shedding to the touch and it has minimized tremendously when washing. Although it’s still not at the extremely low to none, rate it was pre pregnancy!

Honestly it appears that my hair is continuing to grow and the shedding didn’t make too much of a difference in appearance.

I’m hoping that by 1 year postpartum things are back to normal. Or am’ is my hair just going through a different stage, I am close to 30 now, lol. Anyways, I love to hear about some experiences post pregnancy or hair shedding in general.


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