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Ors Coconut Oil Hair Dressing ($3.99)

This stuff is not pure coconut oil, the texture is very thin, but heavy and it has a sulfate in it – which I prefer to avoid, especially on a daily basis which is what I planned to use this product for. Sooo I gave it to my 9 year old son, he has a fade. Honestly I’m not even impressed with the condition that it provides his hair. I will say that it does make the hair very shiny! I will not purchase this product again, it is not the one!

 Product Claims to Softens hair and conditions the scalp with lactic acid and a natural source of medium chain fatty acids. Coconut oil has been known to help remove dead skin cells and renew tissue. This lightweight oil helps to enhance shine without weighing hair down.

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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Coil Moisturizing Souffle ($10.99)

With this product I did see a very slight “definition” increase in my curl/kink pattern, but not enough to make a big difference. My hair is already soft, so that product claim didn’t apply to me. The moisturizer does not hold for the day, but the product was true to its word of not causing a “crunchiness” or flake. It smells good. You also only apply on wet hair. I was looking for a product to use after a shampoo or co-wash that made an extreme difference in my curl definition and served as a base until the next shampoo or co wash. I could have done without it. I will not purchase again because it is not the one, but I will get my $10.99 worth!

Product claims to provide a light flexible hold that defines and softens tight curls and coils. Treat your curls and coils to a moisturizing delight with a low crunchless hold that instantly defines and softens tight curls and coils. – Medium Flexible Hold

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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti Shrinkage Knot Out Conditioner ($9.99)

I was not impressed with this product, especially after I found another product of the same brand work great! But this is why you will notice I typically use a variety of brands, because each product within a brand is not always created equally. When I use a product I look for the way it feels as I am applying it and the after effect. The texture of this conditioner is not thick at all, which is something I like in a conditioner. The texture made me feel as though it was not penetrating my hair. After rinsing it out, I didn’t notice my hair was any softer then after my use of shampoo. Matter of a fact, my shampoo may have left a softer feel by itself. Now, I will say that I have a TWA at this time so there’s not much detangling to do, if any. Maybe if my hair was longer this conditioner would have worked well as detangling tool, perhaps to use when taking out a protective style or as just a detangling tool. Needless to say I will not purchase this product again. I gave it to my 9 year old son to use on his fade.

Product claims to give you the ease of detangling you crave, and the protection from dryness you need. Featuring the Anti-Shrinkage Recipe that naturally elongates, soft and defined curls – Protects from dryness – Provides easy detangling

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