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Natural Girl Must Have’s

“My hair ain’t stressed out, it don’t need a relaxer”

Yep, it’s hard out heer’ for a Natural Curly-Kinky Girl! It may look like it’s easy, but I will admit, natural hair care takes serious consideration and preparation. You really have to take care of your mane. Next to what utensils you have/use, regimen is important and they actually go hand-in-hand.

If you follow any of the most popular natural hair icons, you will notice (3) things they all have in common: Long Lustrous Hair, and yes most of them started from big chop; A Tight Regimen – I’m talking long extensive wash days…. and Shea Butter, lol.A

  1. Confidence > you have to love and appreciate your own hair and texture.
  2. Patience > you will go thru up’s, down’s, experimentations, etc
  3. Water > hair thrives from water (externally and internally)
  4. (2) Spray Bottles > one for daily water application to hair and one for applying products (when needed)
  5. Hair/Essential Oil(s) > for hydrating, conditioning and adding shine to hair
  6. Preferred Co-wash > to use inbetween washes and on regular bases
  7. Preferred Shampoo > to cleanse your hair
  8. Preferred Conditioner > for regular/daily conditioning
  9. Preferred Leave-in Conditioner > to boost hair moisture and sheen, apply after cleansing
  10. Preferred Deep Conditioner > for deep hair conditioning, especially after shampoos
  11. Preferred Protein Treatment > for sporadic treatments to provide extra strength to hair and repair any damage
  12. Preferred Hair Butter > for hair moisture and application during styling
  13. Preferred Hair Gel > for hair styling and to use as a base after wash day
  14. Preferred Hair Milk > to remoisture hair between washes
  15. Wide Tooth Comb and Demi Brush > for detangeling
  16. Hair Pick > to fluff your hair when needed
  17. Bobby Pins, Clamps, Hair Ties (holders) > for styling and protection
  18. Micro Fiber Towel /or Cotton T-Shift > to dry your hair with, avoiding lent from towels
  19. Silk /or Satin Night Cap > to sleep in, keep hair hydrated, clean and help hold styles
  20. Processing or/ Shower Caps > for heated deep penetration

-Tips, avoid hair dehydration, mental hair utensils, brushing or combing hair while dry, sulfate products and bad silicones and excessive heat.

Natural hair icons here:

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