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Semi Freeform


I cannot, may I REPEAT, I cannot believe I’m back here! I told myself and everybody else that I would never get locs again! I so wanted to have the big kinky curly afro. And I tried hard, I really did.  I cut my “locs” of  7 years May 2015.

Now I have decided to “semi freeform” my hair,  est February 2017. It was unintentional, which I think make some of the best outcomes in life. I got my hair plated in itty bitty braids, which I planned to only keep temporarily from a African braiding shop. After realizing the difficulty it would be to remove them and the loss of hair in the process, I decided not to remove them. I also appreciated the “get up and go” freedom. I found that I was missing what I once was annoyed with. But this time the look is more untamed, even more natural, which I realize I’m going to be judged on. Which I realize I have no control of how they will ultimately look. Which I realize I may not even “like” the outcome. Which, I’m willing to accept and embrace!

I no longer have to sit in the mirror for hours detangling my hair only for it NOT to look the way I imagined. I no longer want to get retwisted or wait hours for my hair to dry.  To me taking away the maintenance of grooming my hair to the magnitude of constant upkeep and expectations, is one less thing to worry about it in life! I prefer my hair maintenance to be limited to it’s cleanliness only:

-I only use clear shampoos and I wash at least once a week. No conditioners. No products with color period. Spitz daily with water, lavender/water, or Rosemary/water sometimes.

-Seal with coconut oil/olive oil and when really dry, kemi oyl.

-I use a natural protein conditioner and ACV maybe once every 6 weeks.

-I  also keep my locs separated. I prefer not to intertwine locs, hence “semi” Freeform. The ends have a defined curl which I’m hoping will stay loose and not loc, so I finger detangle often. So far my hair has shrink and the plats are swole. My goal is to be lent and build up free.


I have no ideal how my hair will turn out, but I must admit I feel free! 6 month update September 2017.